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Oyero Bares His Mind On Ikoyi Collapsed Building

Ikoyi Collapsed Building
22 floors in Ikoyi. Lives and billions of naira down the drain.

If you are not a structural engineer or a builder, you may not understand the kind of skills it requires to build a storey building.

Engineers and builders are always careful when it comes to storey buildings. I know some who, by their principles, don’t involve in buildings more than three floors.

Developers and investors love storey buildings. They love additional spaces and space maximisation. Since engineering is the application of scientific principles, there is nothing wrong in building 100 floors if its design and construction methods obey scientific principles.

Failure occurs, (except in case of force majeure) when designs and construction methods do not obey scientific principles.

The major cause of collapse buildings in the country is quackery. I doubt if that can be said of this collapse.

I don’t think anyone can invest in such of a capital intensive investment without involving capable hands. I doubt it. Something else must be the cause of the collapse!

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